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OCULi Wireless PIR Camera with Batteries

OCULi Wireless PIR Camera with Batteries

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This wireless PIR Motion sensor, featuring integrated colour/monochrome cameras and infrared illuminators, provides rapid video verification of alarm events using a 3G network. A full monitoring system is provided by a dedicated cloud server and web portal due to the ease in setup and control this gives.

The product has a brilliant PIR detection range of 15 metres x 90° using a Quad Pyro Sensor that falls well within the camera's field of view of 135° to ensure detected movements remain in view. Bluetooth® facilitates allow for an easy set up using the mobile phone app to determine signal strength, camera view and PIR detection coverage. Sensitivity, pulse counting and AND gating are all configurable using the OCULi App or web portal. 

OCULi uses the mobile phone 3G network and can be sited anywhere there is a network signal available. Simply sign up to SIM usage on a rolling monthly contract and you are ready to go. (SIM price includes the use of the cloud server). Images are streamed over 3G giving exceptional speed and quality of delivery. Connection time to the network using our roaming SIM is fast and non network specific so the strongestsignal will always be used. All video & datais stored on the SD card and cloud server until it is deleted by the user.

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