Meet The Team

Meet The 2SeeTV Family

Commercial Director

Andrew Betts

Meet Andrew Betts, the visionary behind 2SeeTV. With over two decades of expertise in the CCTV industry, Andrew's leadership has driven the company's success. His commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled customer service defines 2SeeTV's ethos. After having a family and relocating to the North West, Andrew and Stephen became new owners of 2SeeTV and have amazing plans for growth.

Sales Director

Steven Brady

As the co-founder and Managing Director of 2SeeTV, Stephen Brady brings extensive knowledge to the forefront. His passion for technology and customer satisfaction has played a pivotal role in establishing 2SeeTV as a trusted name in the CCTV market. Steven has worked in the industry since the late 80’s, over the past 32 years he’s also worked independently with all of the UK’s Mobile Phone Networks and his knowledge and experience is extensive.

Operations Manager

Craig Nash

Meet Craig Nash, the Operations Manager at 2SeeTV. With a wealth of experience in operational efficiency, Craig ensures seamless processes within the company. His dedication to excellence contributes significantly to 2SeeTV's operational success. Craig joined us in January 2016 initially as part of our sales team, in 2017 he was promoted to Operations Manager and now organises our day to day schedules.

Credit Control

Faye Eastwood

Meet Faye Eastwood, the financial backbone of 2SeeTV in her role as Accounts Manager. With a meticulous approach to numbers and a keen eye for detail, Faye ensures the company's financial health. Her expertise in financial management adds a layer of precision to 2SeeTV's operations, making her an invaluable part of the team.

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