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7" LED Monitor and Camera Reversing kit 12v - 24v mCCTV

7" LED Monitor and Camera Reversing kit 12v - 24v mCCTV

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Vehicle Reversing Camera and 7" Digital  LED Monitor Kit 12-24V. The monitor now has a digital LED panel to give enhanced clarity and contrast. The monitor is fitted with the high brightness 400cd/m² panel.

The kit is supplied with  the RC502 reversing camera and a 10 metre cable. The connectors on either ends of the cable are the aviation style connectors with a locking screw. The camera has IR Night Vision.

The kit is very easy to install as only one power feed (12-24 Volts) to the monitor is required. The connecting cable takes the power to the camera and brings back the video signal.

The monitor has a dual video input so you can add an extra camera (view either V1 or V2). The provision of a trigger wire allows automatic switching between channels when connected to a source such as the vehicle reverse gear switch.

Suitable for lorries, vans, trucks, HGVs, motorhomes and buses. 

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