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8 Camera HikVision 1TB CCTV system

8 Camera HikVision 1TB CCTV system

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HikVision 8ch AHD CCTV system with 1TB hard drive installed plus 8 cameras, 8 back boxes, 200m cable and twist on BNC connectors, this kit is designed to be a convenience for a typical household that requires 8 cameras!
All cameras are 2MP in picture quality and are 2.8mm lens giving a wide FOV, These cameras have PoC and what that means is a far cleaner and easier installation, no more need for running power to the camera or having the mains near a cameras for an additional power supply, these PoC cameras will in fact receive power straight from the DVR via the coaxial cable.

This system also supports remote view via a APP that is readily available on the app stores for both Android and Apple, *this will need the DVR to be connected to your internet router using a cat5 cable and is not WiFi*

All this kit comes with a 3 year warranty providing foul play has not caused the system to stop functioning properly and have not been opened in anyway, anything that has been damaged or vandalised will not be covered under warranty.

Crimp on BNC connectors are available if you already have your own crimping tool, please let us know upon ordering otherwise twist on will be sent by default.

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