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Concept Pro 8 Channel 5MP DVR

Concept Pro 8 Channel 5MP DVR

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Concept Pro 8 Channel 5MP Hybrid DVR

The Concept Pro VXH5AHD-8 model is an eight channel professional DVR that can record up to 5 megapixel analogue video and 5 megapixel IP video on all channels. It is a hybrid recorder compatible with AHD, HD-TVI, traditional standard definition analogue cameras, and IP cameras. Additionally, the number of channels can be expanded to a total of sixteen channels and the recorder features eight alarm inputs. The DVR offers a range of features suited for advanced applications, including remote monitoring station integration, P2P connectivity for remote viewing on mobile devices, and compatibility with the license-free iPIMS VMS.


Professional Remote Monitoring
Allowing installers access to repeat revenue stream, remote monitoring integration is available on all Concept Pro professional recorded to stations using Immix Cloud and Sentinel platforms.




iPims - License Free Software
iPims is a powerful, license-free video management software solution that can connect to all Concept Pro Lite IP, AHD and Analogue CCTV recorders and record footage from up to 256 recorders regardless of platform.


Secure P2P Networking
Utilising a Secured European server, P2P is the simplest way to connect a Concept Pro Lite recorder for remote viewing on smartphones and tablets.



IP Hybrid Support
This Concept Pro Lite DVR provides the facility to record various types of analogue cameras up to 5 megapixel resolution and IP cameras up to 2 megapixel resolution to one recording device and work as one system. The 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder allows you to connect a maximum of 8 cameras in an IP and AHD combination.





Concept Pro Digital Video Recorder
Specification Features

  • 8 Channels
  • Concept Pro Video Analytics
  • iPims Compatibility*
  • Sequrinet P2P Connectivity*
  • Concept Pro Viewer Mobile App Compatibility*
  • Remote Monitoring*
  • Concept Pro Video Analytics
  • Concept Pro Intuitive User Interface*
  • Free DVRLINK Dynamic DNS Service*
  • E-mail/Dual SMTP*
  • Rack Mount Capability
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • Two Way Audio*
  • Coaxitron Support*
  • RS-485 Keyboard Support*
  • 1080p Display Resolution Support*
  • 1440p Display Resolution Support
  • 2160p Display Resolution Support
  • 5MP AHD/TVI Camera Support*
  • 2MP IP Camera Hybrid Support*
  • 5MP IP Camera Hybrid Support
  • 20TB Maximum HDD Capacity
  • 1 Spot Out
  • x8 / x1 Number of Alarms
  • IPv4/IPv6 Support*
  • WD Purple Surveillance HDD's inside all recorders
  • 3 Year Warranty*

    *Available as standard on all Concept Pro Lite,
    Pro & Elite DVRs





Hybrid with up to 5MP Support
On Concept Pro Lite, Professional & Elite Models

Hybrid Support provides users with the flexibility to use both AHD and IP on our Concept Pro Lite, Professional & Elite Digital Video Recorder models. Ideal for pre-existing AHD Installers requiring a gradual upgrade to IP, Hybrid support allows users to use cameras from separate platforms using the same cabling infrastructure. 



Brilliant Simple Interface
No matter what the platform, on screen operation of Concept Pro recorders stays exactly the same.



A single brilliant GUI features on both the AHD and the IP (VXH & VUHD) recorders, making it a seamless transition between platforms.

Users of previous models will feel instantly at home with the on-screen menus of the recorders, with the same design, layout and structure that has been refined to work perfectly in HD resolutions.This way, installers can continue with existing roll-outs with no change or disruption to the setup process.




License Free Video Management Software
Maximum surveillance with minimum hassle


The license-free iPIMS client software enables installers to connect multiple analogue and IP recorders, individual IP cameras and other external detection equipment together over a network or internet to a single PC. Perfect when monitoring large or multiple sites with a high number of cameras.


Make navigating large scale installations simple with E-Map View from iPims. Overlay cameras & alarm positions over a selected site map and retrieve images by simply clicking the relevant icon.

Simply import the site map, drag and drop camera & alarm locations.

Camera Pop up on E-Map when Motion/Alarm triggers.
E-Maps allows users to overlay cameras and alarm positions over a selected site map and retrieve images by simply clicking the relevant icon, making it easy to navigate through a large-scale system.

Alarm Handling including Motion Detect Screen Pop Up
Deliver real-time audio notifications and automatically display footage onscreen from cameras installed in an area where motion has been detected.

Up to 256 Recording Devices & 4096 Cameras in one

iPims can connect multiple Concept Pro Recorders to a single viewing platform, allowing users to view live and pre-recorded footage, back-up footage to disk and program event triggers between recorders, plus much more.

Intuitive Display Setup - up to 64 cameras per screen

iPims makes it easy to create highly customisable CCTV screens with a simple drag and drop configuration, allowing users to combine cameras from different CCTV systems into simple, easy-to-follow layouts.

A proactive sit manageme

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