How Can CCTV Save Your Business Money?

How Can CCTV Save Your Business Money?

Installing CCTV systems can have a huge impact on your business, providing numerous benefits including keeping your employees safe and saving your business money. CCTV cameras reduce any risk of incidents that may occur which can be costly.

Cameras are put in place for all the right reasons, capturing all movement 24 hours a day. Take a look at the top five ways why having a CCTV system in your business can save you money.

Prevents Workplace Accidents

Every business wants to avoid workplace accidents, as they want to always keep both their employees and customers safe. Having a CCTV system installed helps you to prevent workplace accidents, by helping to identify areas that are high-risk and have more potential for accidents. This allows you time to put procedures in place to minimise the chance of accidents.

Reducing the risk and preventing accidents in the workplace can save you large amounts of money that would have to be spent on legal costs and compensation when accidents do occur. It can also cause loss of income if the business must be closed for a certain period of time due to health and safety reasons.

Increases Productivity

High levels of productivity is great for your business, and it is your job to make sure productivity is high and that employees are performing their job efficiently.  Employee wages can be one of the largest outgoings for a business, so you want to ensure they are working to their full potential.

A CCTV system can help monitor employees to ensure they are working and hitting deadlines. Also, through monitoring employees over a period of time, a benchmark can be set on how long certain tasks should take. 

Improves Business Security

Theft of stock can lead to a huge financial loss for a business, and even if covered by insurance it can affect the businesses reputation as customers and suppliers may be let down.

Installing CCTV cameras can have a fantastic effect, instantly deterring crime from your building as potential thieves know they are being monitored, reducing the likelihood of a crime being committed.

Reduces Any Chance of Legal Cases

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘the camera doesn’t lie’, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to providing evidence. If there is no evidence to prove your innocence if an accident occurs, legal costs can cost businesses a large amount of money, even when a business is not at fault.

Having a CCTV system monitoring your business allows you to have a full log of everything that occurs on your business’s commercial premises. If there is a workplace accident that you’re not at fault for, and an individual tries to claim it was your fault, CCTV footage allows you to show exactly what happened and who was at fault.

This evidence can save your business time and money.

Prevents Employee Theft

Employee theft can cause a huge drop in revenue for a business. Having CCTV cameras installed in employee-only areas such as stock rooms allows you to monitor who has access to these locations if any thefts do occur.

Having a CCTV system installed in the car park and outside areas of your business also allows you to monitor who comes in and out of your commercial premises. Should any thefts occur, CCTV will allow you to go through footage for that specific time and date an incident took place and help identify if any stock or inventory left the premises.

Here at 2SeeTV, our aim is to provide you with high-quality CCTV systems. We offer a variety of cameras from some of the biggest brands including Samsung, ThinkVision, Hikvision, Concept Pro and so many more.

Cameras are there to keep your home, business and employees safe. If you have any questions about any of the cameras we provide, our team of experts are happy to help. Get in touch with us today by calling 01524 239 903. 

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