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Vehicle Twin Lens Camera and 7" Digital High Resolution Monitor 12-24V

Vehicle Twin Lens Camera and 7

Ref: VM708TWIN

A complete rearview and reversing kit. Consisting of the superb RC-5011T Sony CCD twin lens camera and the 7" monitor VLCD708B2 with the digital LCD panel,( 800xRGBx480)
The camera features twin lens, one to look back along the road, hence replcating the image from a rearview morror. The other lens can be angled downward to capture the rear bumper of the vehicle, facilitating reversing right up to a wall or other object.
The camera is housed in a very robust casing with a high waterproof rating of IP69, avaiation style locking connectors and based on the Sony CCD to give the clearest images. IR Night vision on both cameras.

Now supplied with a single cable with an 8mm connector. Hence, facilitating cable routing. The single cable carries both video signals. Cable length 15 metres. We can still supply the kit with the dual cables if required, please contact us.

Choice of white or black housing.

This special package price includes free UK mainland postage.

Price: 155.00 (186.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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