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Vehicle Reversing Camera and 7" Digital High Resolution Monitor 12-24V

Vehicle Reversing Camera and 7

Ref: VM708B2

This kit is based on the 7" High Resolution Monitor VLCD708B2 giving a superb resolution of 800 x RGB X 480. Digital LCD panel.Combined with the RC502 reversing camera and a 10 metre cable the kit offers considerable savings over the individual items.
The camera has Infra-Red night-vision and a high rating of IP69 ensures it is resistant to water.
The connectors for the camera and monitor are the 4 pin aviation style with the locking screw thread to ensure a robust connection.
The monitor has 2 standard inputs through the cable harness, allowing the addition of a second camera. A third input is located on the front panel.
Soft-touch case, removable sunshield and very sturdy bracket complete the specifications.

Price: 115.00 (138.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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