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Vehicle Reversing Camera and 5" Digital LCD Monitor Kit 12-24V

Vehicle Reversing Camera and 5

Ref: VM501

The wide angle lens camera gives a clear view of objects behind the vehicle. The camera also has IR night-vision providing clear images in total darkness. The LCD monitor has dual inputs allowing the addition of a second camera. The power for the reversing camera can be fed from the vehicle reverse gear selector allowing automatic switching between the two cameras. Mirror image function.
This monitor has an LCD panel with digital enhancement, which gives an image with extremely good contrast and colour definition.
Supplied with cabling with waterproof 4 pin aviation type connectors, 10 metres extension cable, vehicle lighter socket power connector and monitor bracket.
Ideal for Motorhomes, horse boxes and commercial vehicles.

Previously £114.40

Price: 79.99 (95.99 Including VAT at 20%)

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