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Twin Lens Rear View & Reversing Camera

Twin Lens Rear View & Reversing Camera

Ref: RC5011T

The twin lens reversing camera allows you to set one lens looking straight back, hence replicating the rearview mirror. The second lens can be set to point downwards to cover the blind spots when reversing. Also usefull for looking at a trailer or A-Frame coupling.
One lens is based on the Sony CCD 90 degree viewing angle. The other is based on the Sony CCD 120 degree viewing angle. Both have IR LEDs for night vision.
Built into a ruggedized casing.
Supplied with aero-industry style 4 pin connector with locking screw ring.
We now stock a 15 Metre cable with dual video power feeds. This cable has an 8 mm DIN connector allowing easy routing of the cable. Order part number CABTWIN8-15

Price: 74.46 (89.35 Including VAT at 20%)

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