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Concept Pro Lite 16 Channel 5MP Hybrid DVR 6TB

Concept Pro Lite 16 Channel 5MP Hybrid DVR 6TB

Ref: VXH5AHDL-16

The Concept Pro Lite VXH5AHDL-16 model is a sixteen channel professional DVR that can record up to 5 megapixel analogue video and 2 megapixel IP video on all channels. It is a hybrid recorder compatible with AHD, HD-TVI, traditional standard definition analogue cameras, and IP cameras. The DVR offers a range of features suited for advanced applications, including remote monitoring station integration, P2P connectivity for remote viewing on mobile devices, and compatibility with the license-free iPIMS VMS.

Specification Features

16 Channels
iPims Compatibility*
Sequrinet P2P Connectivity*
Concept Pro Viewer Mobile App
Remote Monitoring*
Concept Pro Intuitive User Interface*
Free DVRLINK Dynamic DNS Service*
E-mail/Dual SMTP*
Rack Mount Capability
Two Way Audio*
Coaxitron Support*
RS-485 Keyboard Support*
1080p Display Resolution Support*
5MP AHD/TVI Camera Support*
2MP IP Camera Hybrid Support*
20TB Maxiumum HDD Capacity
12 Spot Out
x2 / x1 Number of Alarms
IPv4/IPv6 Support*
3 Year Warranty*

*Available as standard on all Concept Pro Lite,
Pro & Elite DVRs
Email for prices: sales01@2seetv.co.uk

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