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Concept Pro Housed AIR AHD 2.8-12mm VF 1/3" DN 2MP 4in1 OSD 12VDC 35M

Concept Pro Housed AIR AHD 2.8-12mm VF 1/3

Ref: AIR3526-AHD

A bullet camera with 35m IR range which is suitable for medium range applications. Taking advantage of Concept Pro’s Advanced Infrared Technology, the camera offers exceptional image quality in the darkest of environments, automatically adjusting IR levels dependent on the type of scene being recorded.

Advanced Infrared Technology
This CCTV camera utilises Concept Pro’s Advanced Infrared Technology that adjusts the IR levels dependent on the proximity and movement of objects, delivering smooth and even illumination even in the most challenging of dark environments.

Four-in-one Solution
Don’t be tied down to any single platform. With Concept Pro 4-in-1 cameras, you have the freedom to install whichever CCTV platform you like. Whether you install AHD, TVI, CVI or traditional analogue systems.
Simple move the toggle switch to select the desired format.

Analogue High Definition
Advanced Infrared Technology
1/2.8” Sony Progressive Scan CMOS
Four-in-one operation: Switchable between AHD, TVI, CVI and Analogue
2.8 - 12mm Varifocal Lens
Full HD 1080P
35m IR Range
Video Transmission over 300m
Power Consumption: 5.64W (IR LED on)

Email for prices: sales01@2seetv.co.uk

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