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Concept Pro Elite 16 Channel 8MP NVR with PoE

Concept Pro Elite 16 Channel 8MP NVR with PoE


The Concept Pro Elite VUHDIPE-16 model is a sixteen channel professional, specialised NVR that can record up to 8 megapixel, 4K UHD network video on all channels. It can record at real-time up to 400FPS at 8 megapixel resolution, resulting in clear images that can be fluidly played back. The VUHDIPE model also supports the latest H.265 video compression codec for greater storage savings in addition to traditional H.264. The VUHDIPE range also comes equipped with five internal hard disk slots for up to 50TB internal storage space with RAID 1/5 support, as well as an eSATA port for expanded external recording space. The NVR offers a range of features suited for advanced applications, including remote monitoring station integration, P2P connectivity for remote viewing on mobile devices, and compatibility with the license-free iPIMS VMS.

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