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Concept Pro 2MP IP 30x PTZ Camera

Concept Pro 2MP IP 30x PTZ Camera

Ref: CP-HSD30-IP

2 MP High Definition
Up to 30x Zoom
150m Advanced Infrared Technology
Lens Size 4.3 - 129mm
ONVIF Compliant network camera
Enhanced Low light performance, Colour @ 0.002 lux
8 Alarm Inputs and 4 Alarm Outputs
IP 66

Concept Pro PTZ, High Speed Dome 30x Zoom IR 1080P Enhanced Low Light IP

The Concept Pro 2MP IP 30x PTZ Camera (CP-HSD30-IP) is a 1080P IP high speed dome with 30x optical zoom and a 150m IR range. The camera can be programmed with 255 preset positions and up to 8 patterns or groups allowing for virtually hands-free operation and can integrate with on-site intruder alarm systems through 8 alarm inputs and 4 outputs which are easily accessible in the function box. Additionally, the camera offers 360 degrees-per-second rotation speed ensuring movement remains responsive even when operated remotely via the NVR or over the network.


Price: 712.50 (855.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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