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Caravan Twin Lens Camera Kit with 5" Monitor

Caravan Twin Lens Camera Kit with 5

Ref: CV501TWIN

Similar to the CV501 kit but with the dual lens camera. The camera is fitted to the rear of the caravan, One lens is wide angle (120 degress) and should be positioned to be pointing down to the ground to facilitate reversing right up to an object or wall. The second lens has a narrower view (90 degrees) and should be set to point straight back down the road. This allows the driver to see any vehicles approaching from behind.
Cables are supplied within the kit to connect to the 2 way Suzi between the caravan and towing vehicle and then on to the high resolution 5" monitor mounted inside the towing vehicle. When reverse gear is selected the monitor will automatically change between the rear-view and reversing camera image.
The cameras are based on the Sony CCD so give very clear images on the 5" monitor.

Price: 185.00 (222.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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