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Caravan Reversing Camera Kit with 5" Monitor

Caravan Reversing Camera Kit  with 5

Ref: CV501

The easy way to fit a reversing camera to a caravan or trailer. The kit consists of a Suzi cable which fits between the caravan and vehicle, a reversing camera and a 5 inch LCD monitor.

The 5 inch LCD monitor (part no. M-VLCD5P) is an ideal size for most vehicles. The high resolution digital LCD panel (640 x RGB x 480) gives very clear images. It is 2 channel so a second camera can be added if required.

The Suzi cable (part no. 5ps) comes complete with a 10 metre connecting cable to the monitor and 15 metre cable to the camera. The coiled centre section is easily disconnected when the caravan is unhitched. The connectors are of metal construction to ensure durability.

Price: 149.00 (178.80 Including VAT at 20%)

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