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CAT5 CABLE 305 Metres External Grade

CAT5 CABLE 305 Metres External Grade

Ref: CAT5EXT/305

CAT5E cable for external use. The outer sheath is heavier than on standard CAT5 cable. Colour Black.

Category 5E Unscreened External Grade Cables are manufactured and tested to the ISO 11801, EN 50173 and ANSI/TIA-568-C standards for enhanced performance Category 5 cables. Each cable consists of 8 colour coded polyethylene insulated conductors. These are twisted together to form 4 pairs with varying lay lengths. These pairs are jacketed in a heat and UV, moisture resistant black polyethylene outer sheath, making this cable ideal for outdoor installation.


External Duct Grade
Supports Gigabit Ethernet
Fast feed box
Sequential metre markings (305-0)
CPR compliant to Fca

Price: 68.00 (81.60 Including VAT at 20%)

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