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Aspect UHD 8MP 8 Channel NVR 3TB

Aspect UHD 8MP 8 Channel NVR 3TB

Ref: NVR 8MPOE-8

The Aspect UHD 8MP 8 Channel provides Ultra High Definition and 4k support, available at up to 8MP. Aspect offers unparalleled image quality and definition at a competitive price, this, alongside intuititive features like H.265+ Compression and our Low-Light capability, ensures that Aspect is versatile, technically capable and feature rich.

Through Aspect's integration with the cloud, you can store footage, search through recordings by alarm, make firmware upgrades remotely and much more. Snippets of footage such as alarm triggers can also be saved to your cloud-based storage application in an instant, allowing you to store events.

H.265+ Compression provides high image quality whilst requiring less storage space. With potential to save 40-65% of your storage space, H.265+ is a revolutionary form of lossless Codec.

With a variety of Hard Drive sizes available on the Aspect UHD 8MP 4 Channel NVR, you have the option to select the recorder that best suits both your camera and footage requirements.

The Aspect range can be monitored remotely from a mobile device, allowing users to check their premises are safe and secure on the go. Perfect for monitoring sites when on holiday or checking up on pets or children, remote monitoring will ensure users are up to date with the happenings at a site. Compatible with both IMMIX and Sentinel.

Price: 311.68 (374.02 Including VAT at 20%)

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