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AHD Reversing Vehicle Camera 960P 4-Pin White

AHD Reversing Vehicle Camera 960P 4-Pin  White

Ref: RC502AHDW

The ever popular RC502 is now available in high resolution format. The robust case and bracket makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications - Vans Motorhome Trucks. It has a mirror image so should be mounted to face backwards.
This product uses the 4-Pin Aviation connector. Adapters to RCA/Phono are available. Extension cables of 5.10.15 and 20 metres are available.
Please note this product must be connected to an AHD device such as a MDVR or AHD monitor. It will not work with a standard Composite video monitor.
Please call our sales office if you need further advice.

Price: 49.00 (58.80 Including VAT at 20%)

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