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8 Ch H.264 HDD MDVR &TFT/GPS/3G/WiFi

8 Ch H.264 HDD MDVR &TFT/GPS/3G/WiFi

Ref: MDVR8608-3GW

The MDVR8608 is a professional, rugged, solid state DVR designed for in-vehicle recording. R 8608-3GWDVR adopts H.264/AVI compression format, records up to 8 channels video and audio at the same time, supports hard disk up to 4TB as well as SD Card up to 64GB for saving video clips. The video resolution is up to D1 each channel, and the frame rate is up to 30fps (PAL).
MDVR8608-3GWworks with all CCD/CMOS cameras; it is a new in-vehicle recording system that you can rely on.

Models available with TFT/GPS/3G/WiFi

Price: 582.00 (698.40 Including VAT at 20%)


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